Ithaca Kombucha Co. 🌱

I enjoy Kombucha on occasion, but I never thought I'd make my own. That was until Joey, from Ithaca Kombucha Co., gave me my very own kit to try it out. He needed some design help for this new exciting product; a do-it-yourself kombucha kit. For me, it felt like part customer research and part science project.


Kombucha, a fermented tea, boasts of many health benefits which is why we wanted to keep the overall design and color palette clean and simple. Healthy vibes. Ya know?

I created a few different logo variations for a variety of use cases.

Box design

Since we were only printing a small batch of boxes to start we decided a two-color screen printed box would look pretty sharp and would be most cost effective.

I knew my friend, Kaya, would be the perfect guy for the job. He's a talented screen printer and artist based in Ithaca, NY.

It was really neat to see the kit hit the shelves!

Photo source: Greenstar, co-op grocery in Ithaca, NY.