Trash Talk Diaries 🥡

It was during my nomad days that the idea for Trash Talk Diaries was born. I couldn’t help but notice all the garbage on the side of the road. I was fed up, angry and pretty shocked at how people could have such disregard for the environment. But I'd keep walking. Maybe I was just as inconsiderate to think that it's not someone else's problem to deal with

After stumbling upon a large propane tank near a camp spot one day I decided I'd haul it back and do something.

So began my journey of making litter art

Hub caps, cans, bottles, plastic bags, shoes, you name it. I began making art with it. Mostly lettering funny phrases on them.

I noticed after a few months my mindset went from reactive to proactive. That's my goal with Trash Talk Diaries; to inspire others to think differently about liter as well. That's it's not someone elses problem to deal with. We can all do our part.

Interested in more of the story and process behind these projects? Stay tuned! I'm working on a new website with all of my trash art.

I don't mind finding a cool visor every now and then, but let's keep it clean y'all. Don't forget if you pack it in, pack it out!